The following materials are used in Orgones orgonite pieces:

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Record Keeper Double terminated Lemurian seed quartz crystal

Double terminated Lemurian seed quartz crystal

Amethyst quartz crystal

Rose quartz

Clustered Double terminated Lemurian seed quartz crystal

100% pure, clean aluminium

24-karat gold flakes (considered 100% gold)

Selenite crystal

20mm Round Ruby 51 carat Cubic Zirconia Gemstone

40mm Round Ruby 476 carat Cubic Zirconia Gemstone

6x Round Peridot (2.4 carat total) Cubic Zirconia Gemstones

6x Marquise violet (0.6 carat total) cubic zirconia gemstones

Round Peridot 3.5 carat Cubic Zirconia Gemstone

Marquise Violet 1 carat Cubic Zirconia Gemstone

Round Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Round Blue Kyanite Crystal Gemstone

Round Chrysocolla Gemstone

Round Malachite Gemstone

Round Black Tourmaline Gemstone

Round Pyrite Gemstone

Round Russian Shungite Gemstone

Round Peridot Gemstone

Round Bloodstone Gemstone

Round Pearl Gemstone

Round Pink Tourmaline Gemstone

Round Garnet Gemstone

Round Tourmalinated Quartz Gemstone

Round Green Aventurine Gemstone

Round Sunstone Gemstone

Round Tiger eye Gemstone

Round Chrysoprase Gemstone

Round Purple Fluorite Gemstone

Round Moss Agate Gemstone

Round Black Onyx Gemstone

Round Amazonite Gemstone

Round Aquamarine Gemstone

Round Ruby Gemstone

Round Carnelian Gemstone

Round Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Round Amethyst Crystal Gemstone

Round Emerald Gemstone

Round Lepidolite Gemstone

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