Most commonly asked questions:

Why are your pieces more/less expensive than others?

Our orgonite pieces are made using the highest grade of materials, to the highest standard of construction. We are very precise about the type and grade of materials used, as well as the accurate positioning of them. We try and keep our prices fair, and as low as possible. Purchasing the parts separately for many of our pieces would cost at least as much as the piece itself, which includes labour and delivery.
We consider some of the Lemurian crystals that we use pretty much priceless, including some of the double terminated cluster specimens, and double terminated record keepers with triangles on both terminations. They are rarely seen for sale, and command high premiums when they are.

Our personal pieces are for placement in and around one's personal space and property. Our field grade or tactical orgonite is more cost effective, and made to be distributed or "gifted" around the community and wider environment. Field grade orgonite is the cheapest to buy or make yourself, and functions well, but often is quite rough and not generally suited for personal use.

Can I order over the phone?

Unfortunately not; we only accept payment via the website.

Why hasn't my order arrived?

Please allow three working days before contacting us regarding undelivered orders within UK, and two weeks before contacting us for orders sent to USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

Although the delivery aim is significantly less than these times, there can occasionally be misroutes, road closures, bad weather conditions or strike action that can affect delivery times.

Can I come and visit or collect items?

Sadly we do not yet have the facilities to offer this kind of service.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery within mainland UK is free.

To calculate delivery to offshore UK, USA, Europe and the rest of the world, just select your country at checkout.

Do you offer bulk discount?

All our items have quantity-based discount options in the shopping cart; please click the drop-down box at checkout to view the pricing for larger quantities.

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